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x-posted to gyakuten_saiban

Does anyone remember "The Meekiners" prank from last year? :'D

This year......

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01 April 2010 @ 08:14 pm
This is really late of me, but go check out The Gavinners Facebook page and see what they've done for April Fools! ♥


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07 February 2010 @ 11:23 pm
From Nostalgia Cosplay...

lyrics by yamitami
Clayton DeGuerre - vocals and guitar
Blake Brunson - drums and audio-mixing

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30 May 2009 @ 01:28 pm
Title: The Drowners
Pairing: Klavier/Daryan
Word count: c. 10,500
Rating/warnings: explicit sexual content, very strong language, awkward first-time sex
Summary: What this is, is the first time they've ever done anything quite this deliberate.
A/N: This is set within the year after which these two must have first met, but before Klavier's first case as a prosecutor, making them both 17-ish (and, er, therefore perfectly legal to be doing what they're doing in this fic. Or at least in the country I'm writing in, anyway). Bit of timeline dilation in there, probably, but trying to fit how these two became friends/formed the Gavinners/started their careers/became internationally famous in with canon is a hopeless endeavour. Title is taken from the Suede song of the same name. This fic also has a very much optional commentary, hosted here on Dreamwidth (if anyone actually does want to comment on it, anonymous, OpenID and DW account comments are all enabled there, or you can just talk to me about it here). Commentary is rambling and intrusive, so probably not a good version to use for a first read.

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26 February 2009 @ 11:49 pm
Hay guys, thought I might try and breathe some life into this comm by posting up some photos that impure_impulse and I took last weekend. (I know a small number of you are already friended to us on LJ, so, uh, sorry if we seem to be posting cosplay photos everywhere, we like to dress up since we're not superb artists or writers. It's how we participate in fandom. >_>)

Our friend shahni snagged a kiriban on our DeviantArts and requested that we take some Daryan/Klavier photos, to which we agreed. Here's five of the better photos.

impure_impulse was hair down!Daryan. She already had a full on Daryan cosplay but had always wanted to try messing around with a hair down version since the full wig is a huge pain to wear.

I took on the part of Klavier for this one. Normally impure_impulse is the Klavier to my Apollo, but as she can't be in two places at once (unless there is Photoshop involved), I agreed to pick him up. All of my costume minus the pants and the jacket belong to her.

We took these with a tripod, and I took care of the post-processing. That said, we hope you like these. Here's a preview:

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12 January 2009 @ 09:51 pm
Hi! (If advertisements aren't allowed, tell me, and I'll take it down.)

Anyway, I play Klavier Gavin at forjusticeonly, and I think it would be awesome to have a Daryan there. The RP's a non-crack roleplay set in the Ace Attorney world, its timeline starting right after the events of 3-5. It's a small RP, but the cast there is great, even if I might have a biased opinion. Personally, I ship Klavier and Daryan, but their relationship as friends is great, too.

All other characters would also be much love, but I figured that I might as well advertise specifically for Daryan on the Klavier/Daryan comm!

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