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garyuu_wave's Journal

Garyuu Wave :: Klavier Gavin x Daryan Crescend
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A Klavier Gavin x Daryan Crescend community

Welcome to Garyuu Wave: a community for the relationship between Klavier Gavin x Daryan Crescend, from the game Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. Fanfiction, fanart, icons, discussions and just about anything else regarding these two is welcome here so feel free to join if you are a fan of these guys!


These are just some rules to make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

1. Please make sure that your posts are relevant to the community. That is, have them involve Klavier and/or Daryan in some way.

2. Other characters and other pairings are welcome, as long as Klavier/Daryan is included. Fanfiction and anything else with Klavier/Daryan as a secondary or a background pairing is also welcome here.

3. Please be considerate to fellow members. This means that you should be polite and respect each other’s opinions.

4. Do not use other people’s work without credit – regardless of whether you found it here or if you found it elsewhere and are posting it here. It would also be greatly appreciated if, when using fanart for icons, you credit the original artist and provide a link to the original work.

5. Fanart and fanfiction should be placed beneath an LJ-cut with the appropriate warnings and ratings stated before the cut. If you do not know what an LJ-cut is, or how to use it, read this. Alternatively, fake cuts are also fine.

Remember, the main focus of this community is to have fun with fellow Klavier/Daryan fans! If you have any questions on concerns, feel free to contact the moderator, kiyala on kiyala.quincylover [at] gmail [dot] com or by sending her a message via LJ.


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